Monday, February 06, 2006

Iku Wholefoods, MetCentre, Wynyard

Iku Wholefoods, MetCentre, Wynyard
Monday 6 February, 2006

Iku Wholefoods embraces the macrobiotic food movement. Their aim is to provide delicious wholefood, imbued with the energy of love and respect. Wow! All this over lunch?

I've eaten there several times - it's mainly a takeaway joint located at the top of the MetCentre ramp leading down to Wynyard. However, ignore the queue on the ramp and grab a seat inside - there are 6 or so stools where you can eat in peace.

Being a creature of habit I've ordered the same thing each time - chickpea casserole with pumpkin and biodynamic brown rice. The servings are large and it's very reasonable - Approx. $7. They do offer a wide range of options - soups, casseroles, burgers (tofu, that is), curries, noodles, lasagnes and salad rolls, but I haven't made it there yet. The rolls/ wraps look sensational and they also sell organic juices (try the Parkers organic in Blood orange - I'm addicted).

I'll be back to try the other lunch offerings....once I move on from the chickpea casserole.

Iku Wholefoods - MetCentre, Wynyard


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