Monday, May 15, 2006

Cloud 9, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai

Cloud 9, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai
Monday 15 May, 2006

Jin Mao Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world - the reception of the Grand Hyatt Hotel is located on the 54th floor, Cloud 9 bar is situated on the 87th floor and there is an observation deck with spectacular views across Shanghai on the 88th floor.

There are three separate elevator rides to get to Cloud 9 and each ride is very smooth. You hardly feel like you are moving at all - the only tell tale sign is your ears popping. From the lobby of the building you take an elevator to the reception of the Grand Hyatt (54th floor), then you catch another elevator to the 85th floor where enter the inner sanctum and it looks like a maze of mirrors and secret doors. There is also a sign that outlines there is a 120 Yuan (approx. $20 AUS) minimum spend at Cloud 9 if you are not a hotel guest. Finally you take a private elevator to the 87th floor where you are greeted by the immaculately dressed staff and shown to a table.

The first thing you notice is the view - uninterrupted views across Shanghai from every angle - it is breathtaking. We were shown to a great booth table overlooking the Oriental Pearl Tower to the right and the Bund with its beautifully lit old colonial buildings to the left.

We were on a mission tonight for dessert and Cloud 9 has some great options - what better place to enjoy a decadent dessert and cocktail? The menu is impressive with asian tapas, fabulous cocktails, wines and spirits from all over the world and the desserts are as you would expect - rich, tempting and very naughty.

The staff are unassuming - they only speak when spoken to and discreetly move around the floor. We ordered a Cloud 9 combination platter - tiramisu, giandija cake, creme brulee, fresh fruit, mango mille feuille with sherbet and mango cheese cake; and the Amaretto ice cream and raspberry sherbet ice bombe flamed with Grand Marnier and cherry sauce.

The combination platter is presented in a japanese bento box with 6 small plates containing each dessert and the amaretto dish was grandly presented to the table and promptly lit with flaming Grand Marnier. They were both very decadent and very, very good. We sat there for hours enjoying the view and working our way through the cocktail list - my highlight was the apple martini.

Cloud 9 - 88 Century Boulevard, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai - 86 21 5049 1234


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