Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wildfire, West Circular Quay

Wildfire, West Circular Quay
Saturday 20 January, 2007

The last time I visited Wildfire was during Good Food Month - our team enjoyed a great lunch here at a great price.

Tonight we were off to see 'Lost & Found' another offering from the Sydney Festival - this one in the Concert Hall of the Opera House. One of the perks of the Sydney Festival is that they have lined up special deals at a range of Sydney restaurants. We chose to dine at Wildfire where they were offering a main meal and glass of wine for $25 - bargain!

The Fast Festival Feasts booklet describes Wildfire as,

"With legendary views, a spectacular state of the art kitchen and glamorous, ambient interiors. Wildfire is a complete sensory experience."

We were greeted by the surly, uninviting Maitre'd. How hard is it to be greeted by a smile and friendly welcome? We had arrived early as the Fast Festival Feasts are available between 6 - 7pm so it was still light and we could enjoy the view across the Harbour to the Opera House - gorgeous.

Upon seating we were asked if we were here for the Fast Festival Feasts. Yes. It was almost like the waiter's manner changed and he considered us as freeloaders. He put the Fast Festival Feasts menu on the table and enquired whether we wanted any bread (not complimentary). Yes please.

Another waiter swung by and picked up our menus sharing a condescending 'we'll get that started then...'. Tender slow cooked chicken thigh with a summer herb crust, ratatouille and basil oil with a glass of Preece white wine.
Within moments our original waiter returned with a bottle of Redbank chardonnay. He was about to pour when I mentioned we were having the Preece. He gave a 'tsk tsk' sound and glossed over the fact they had run out of Preece so we could have this instead. OK then.

Our meals arrived and looked very nice on a large oval shaped plate. However, the chicken was dry, the herb crust was too thick and dry to enjoy...the only saving grace was the ratatouille - it was flavoursome, hearty and fresh.

Looking around the restaurant it was apparent that many tables were taking advantage of the Fast Festival Feasts special. Why the staff aren't properly trained and briefed on this is beyond me. Why the staff insist on having unnecessary, pretentious attitudes is also lost on me. You'd think the service industry would ensure they have the basics right before they even contemplate developing an attitude about it.

I am heading back to see another Sydney Festival performance next Saturday night and you can be assured that we won't be dining at Wildfire. The best thing going for Wildfire is the view.

Wildfire - Ground floor, Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay - (02) 8273 1222


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