Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Glebe Point Diner, Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe

Glebe Point Diner, Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe
Wednesday 27 June, 2007

Second night in a row in Glebe? Last night I experienced Osteria dei Poeti (avoid) and Cafe Otto (great desserts) and tonight it was Glebe Point Diner. A foodie friend had read about it in this months Gourmet Traveller so we decided to give it a go.

Only 6 weeks old Glebe Point Diner is situated at the Blackwattle Bay end of Glebe, away from the hustle & bustle and offering plenty of on street parking (bonus). I must admit I was a little put off by the name as years of watching our Americanised TV have me envisaging waitresses in starched uniforms running the floor with pots of perculated coffee and offering large serves of blueberry pie. I was sorely mistaken.
This little gem is the brainchild of Alex Kearns, former chef at Sean’s Panorama and Bourke St Bakery and now the owner of the Diner.
You enter via a large heavy sliding door past a small-ish balcony of outdoor seating. On this wet, cold evening these seats were bare and inside it was glowing with heaters pumping to keep the diners warm. The staff were very friendly and extended a warm welcome as we entered. Directing us to our table for 3 we were invited to leave our umbrellas in the large wicker basket by the coffee bar and magazine bench. Just above this were two large chalkboards - one displaying the lean menu of 6 entrees and mains plus 3 desserts and the other highlighting drinks.
One of my dinner buddies and I could not go past the Roast chicken with oregano & butter rubbed beneath the skin served with zucchini flowers and celery salad whilst our other dinner buddy opted for the Jewfish served with potato puree. We also ordered a side of veggies (that never arrived). The meals were simple yet very good - like comfort food. I know other foodies who would turn their noses up at this type food stating that they could easily reproduce it at home and probably could...........but for my money there is a return to simple, uncomplicated meals using fresh, organic produce that tastes great...........and there are plenty of people out there prepared to pay for it too.
With mains up around $30 it's not cheap but it's great, homely food that is ideal during our current wet season. Smart move for them to open during this freak weather. Tonight was booked out and with another article coming in next months Gourmet Traveller it's sure to be busy for sometime. The Maitre'd was charming and very personable and the other staff were polite & discreet. They also have a great wine list with plenty of offerings by the glass.
Like any new joint there were teething issues but these will be ironed out and I'm certain that Glebe will experience a revival with this gem.

Glebe Point Diner - 407 Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe - (02) 9660 2646


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