Saturday, August 11, 2007

International Food Market, Telstra Stadium, Homebush

International Food Market, Telstra Stadium, Homebush
Saturday 11 August, 2007
The Breast Cancer Network Australia called on 13,000 people - representing the number of Australians diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 - to stand together and create the first ever Sydney Field of Women LIVE before the Sydney Swans v St Kilda match.
As Swans supporters we arrived early to participate in the Field of Women event. This was incredibly moving and a important reminder about the high incidence of breast cancer. Standing on the field in our pink ponchos we had a minute's silence for women who had died from breast cancer, and breast cancer survivors were asked to put up their hands. Up There, Cazaly composer Mike Brady, who lost his mother to breast cancer, sung a special rendition of his famous song, called Up There, Pink Lady.
The atmosphere was electric and there were several moments that I will never forget:
1) Walking out onto the lush green grass of Telstra Stadium under the bright lights
2) Watching women raise their hands to indicate they were survivors of breast cancer
After the event we walked off the field to take our seats for the game. However we needed to eat first so popped outside to the International Food Market. There was a hive of activity with queues of 20 - 30 people lined up against each stall representing a variety of cultures i.e. Turkish, Portuguese, Indian, Greek etc.
To be honest our selection was made not on the food but the length of the queue. Tonight, the Portuguese won out. We ordered Portuguese dogs (or hot dogs) and Pasteis de Nata (or Portuguese tarts). The dogs were spicy and topped with kim chee, onion, cheese and mustard. The sesame buns were large and packed full with toppings. They had a kick and were a challenge to eat but we enjoyed every mouthful.
We made it to our seats as the whistle blew - perfect timing. It wasn't until the end of the first quarter that we remembered we had the Pasteis de Nata. Bonus!
International Food Market, Telstra Stadium, Homebush


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