Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant, Dixon St, Chinatown

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant, Dixon St, Chinatown
Wednesday 28 December, 2005

You can call this restaurant 'third time lucky'.

We started off our evening at Tai Wong BBQ in Campbell St (opposite the Capitol Theatre) to experience their Peking duck only to find out they closed at 6.30pm. What the!?*@ As we were only a stones throw from Chinatown we decided to visit the sensational Golden Century. There was a 45 minute wait in the 35 degree heat - next?

Walking through the Sussex Centre shops we arrived in the heart of Chinatown with no plan. Most places were full with locals and tourists. We chose to eat at the Superbowl Chinese Restaurant that was packed full of Chinese families and friends.

We were greeted outside by a pleasant staff member who invited us in and yes, they had air-conditioning. It was pretty average looking inside but the menu looked good as did the prices.

We ordered salt & pepper squid, grandma's beancurd and BBQ pork. When the squid arrived we tucked in devouring the lightly deep fried coating and salt & pepper seasoning. It was really good, the squid melted in your mouth. After we had enjoyed about 3 pieces each our waiter delivered the beancurd and BBQ pork. Within moments he returned with another dish of salt & pepper squid explaining that we had received the wrong dish. Wrong dish? We had already eaten some of it. Not to worry he said replacing it with the fresh dish explaining that we had incorrectly received salt & pepper seafood i.e. fish fillets, calamari etc. Oh well, it was good and we'll probably order it next time.

The BBQ pork was good with a thick glaze of plum sauce. The disappointment was grandma's beancurd. On the menu it was described as hot & spicy but it tasted more sweet & sour. Of course, we still ate most of it but we've definitely had better.

A sign at the front entrance stated, 'Don't forget your umbrella, but make sure is YOURS'. Reminds me of that funny site -

It was very reasonable, the service was efficient and the food was good. For a quick meal on the way somewhere I'd consider this place again.

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant - 41 Dixon St, Haymarket - (02) 9281 2462


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