Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cargo Bar, King Street Wharf, Sydney

Cargo Bar, King Street Wharf, Sydney
Thursday 20 April, 2006

I'm a goose - I was meeting a friend at Cargo Bar for dinner and walked to Bungalow 8 - what the! The ridiculous thing is that I didn't realise until I walked inside and noticed the Bungalow 8 logo etc. It took me a moment to realise where Cargo Bar was and then I walked to the other end of King St Wharf to see the same decor, bar layout etc - it was like deja vu or maybe all these places are just carbon copies of each other........

Cargo Bar also has several screens hanging from the ceiling playing Fashion TV - I can tell you the latest men's fashion off the catwalks in Milan.... black pants and white t-shirts. Wow - what will they think of next.

We sat outside as it was a balmy night and it wasn't overly busy - there were plenty of free tables and the staff were efficient in clearing away plates and glasses. The tables are strewn with menus and you order and pay at the bar. They offer a wide variety of ribs, schnitzels, pies, salads and gourmet pizzas and it was tough choice but we decided to share a Peking Duck, shallots, sesame, bok choy, mushroom & plum sauce pizza and Roasted Chorizo Sausage with hot salami, caramelized onions and olives pizza.

Within 10 minutes the pizzas arrived. They looked great - the peking duck was piled high with duck and it was tender but it was lacking plum sauce so tasted a little dry. The roasted chorizo was delicious with a kick offered by the hot salami.

For $14.50 each the small pizzas are definitely enough for one and the best part of sharing is that you get to try something else (particularly good when you order the dud meal).

By 8pm the music was turned up and you could barely have a conversation. This is fine for a nightclub but for a lounge bar where people are primarily talking and eating it's a bit much.

Cargo Bar - The Esplanade, King Street Wharf, Sydney - (02) 9262 1777


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