Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blue Mist Cafe, Station St, Wentworth Falls

Blue Mist Cafe, Station St, Wentworth Falls
Sunday 30 July, 2006

Wandering through the small selection of shops at Wentworth Falls we had originally planned to eat at the Post Office Cafe (located in the old Post Office) however it was packed with locals and we were unable to secure a table. Further down the street is Blue Mist Cafe, an inviting, homely looking space with old country style furniture and large chalkboards full of food and specials.

The staff were pleasant enough but lacked warmth - it was merely pass out the menus, take down the orders and deliver the food. A simple approach, however the location lent itself to a warmer greeting and service.

We were on the lookout for soup and preferably pumpkin. Thank goodness the soup special was cream of pumpkin or we would still be driving through the mountains looking for soup! My lunch buddies all ordered the soup and I opted for chicken, avocado and cheese on turkish.

The soup arrived in enormous bowls and large slices of thick toast. The size was ridiculous and my lunch buddies all managed to eat half, some a little more. It struck me as odd that they would provide servings this large when they also have an extensive dessert selection. Surely, the idea is to encourage guests to indulge in dessert - unfortunately the soup servings was so large that no-one cold even fathom dessert.

My turkish bread was bland and the chicken was dry. It was very average and I left half of it on the plate. Interestingly, the staff didn't even bat an eyelid and did not enquire what the food was like, why we didn't finish our meals etc.

For a cafe I was surprised to learn they do not have bathroom facilities - they direct you over the road to the public toilets - how charming.

Not sure I would return here when there are so many interesting places to eat in the Mountains.

Blue Mist Cafe - 8 Station St, Wentworth Falls - (02) 4757 4841


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