Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oven cafe, Parraween St, Cremorne

Oven cafe, Parraween St, Cremorne
Saturday 22 July, 2006

Oven cafe is situated in a shoe box space next door to the rear entrance of the Cremorne Orpheum Cinemas. There are 2 tables out the front and 8 tables inside - it's small but cosy. The space is a converted garage and inside it's friendly - guests and staff exchange hello's and goodbye's like old friends.
We were lucky enough to score a table along the side wall. This wall also moonlights as a whiteboard where breakfast/ brunch and lunch specials are written. The usual menu is also hung up on this wall and is all very reasonable. People enter every few moments for takeaway coffee - so it's a busy, tightly packed space - not somewhere you go for peace & quiet to read the paper. There's also a large skylight in the centre of the ceiling offering natural light.

After ordering coffees we got sidetracked talking and forgot that menus aren't delivered to the table. So at least 30 minutes had passed before we stood up to read the menu along the wall. I ordered the free range scrambled eggs and sourdough and my brunch buddy ordered the granola with yoghurt and rhubarb.

The eggs were served with one slice of sourdough and a small dish of butter on the side. The eggs were delicious and creamy. There were enough eggs for two slices of sourdough but my eyes are bigger than my belly - so one was satisfactory. The granola was served in a large deep bowl with a decent amount of rhubarb - yum!

Oven is a cosy spot to hang-out but on the weekend you do feel you should eat & go as there are so many people milling around waiting for tables. If you have a day off during the week - take the paper and enjoy a lazy brunch - I know I will.

Oven cafe - 89 Parraween St, Cremorne - (02) 9908 3536


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