Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iku Wholefoods, MetCentre, Wynyard

Iku Wholefoods, MetCentre, Wynyard
Tuesday 11 July, 2006

I've had fond memories of this place since my last visit in February. Iku Wholefoods serves fresh, healthy food out of a cramped, orange shopfront on the MetCentre ramp down to Wynyard.

It always attracts a crowd - the staff are friendly and clearly love the food they are serving, the food is super healthy and their philosophy states, "Iku wholefood is created using the principles of macrobiotics, which translates as 'Big Life'. The ingredients we use are mostly organic, grown without man made chemicals, and biodynamic, using natural preparations to enhance their nutritional value. We use no animal or dairy products, cane sugars or synthetic preservative or flavours. We support the environment with our food production methods, and our staff with mindful work practices. As we believe that what we do to the earth and each other, we do to ourselves."

Beyond the cramped serving area is a small space with 6 bench stools. My suggestion is to order and pay at the counter and grab a seat - they go quickly! Today I ordered kidney beans & minestrone served over brown rice and my lunch buddy ordered rice paper rolls.

The kidney beans & minestrone was absolutely divine and even though it came in a small takeaway container it was a lot to get through. The liquid component of the minestrone absorbed into the brown rice and the top of the container was full of kidney beans and vegetables. It was served warm - yum!

There are several great reasons to eat here:

- the meals are always really satisfying i.e. you won't go hungry
- the meals are very good for you i.e. your body will thank you
- lunch here won't break the bank i.e. prices range from $5 - 12

Iku Wholefoods, MetCentre, Wynyard



Blogger tytty said...

hi, i love the concept, but i had their special yesterday : three mushrooms, thyme and leek pie at the martin place food court. it was bad. the pie crust was like old bread and the filling was tasteless. i did like their coco and cardamon muffin, so i won't give up just yet (-:

4:09 am  

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