Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Age Good Food Guide 2007 - no surprises there!

Tuesday 29 August, 2006

It was with great interest that I waited for the announcements from The Age Good Food Guide 2007. For you Sydneysiders, this is equivalent to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) Good Food Guide.

Whilst I knew that Vue De Monde would have to scoop the pool, it was incredibly satisfying to see that not only was it the only restaurant to retain it's 3 Hats but it also picked up Restaurant of the Year - read the full story here. Well done to Shannon & team - I cannot wait to return. Each time I have visited Vue de Monde (Jan 06 and Aug 06) I have been blown away by the experience.

As The Age aptly stated,

Culinary wunderkind Shannon Bennett's Vue de monde was awarded Restaurant of the Year, and was the only one of last year's four top-ranked restaurants to retain three hats. Its status was cemented by an unprecedented score of 19 out of 20.

Jacques Reymond's eponymous Windsor stalwart was elevated to join Vue de monde as Melbourne's only three-hatted restaurants.

"I think this is the first time the guide has given a 19 out of 20," said Necia Wilden, who co-edited the 2007 Guide with John Lethlean. "Vue de monde is such a tremendously exciting restaurant — the concept, the menu, the sense of occasion it affords. It dared to defy this trend away from fine dining. It's the glorious exception that proves the rule."

There were no surprises to hear that Circa lost a Hat (it still has 2 Hats). From a diners perspective there is no way in hell you can put Circa in the same category as Vue de Monde and I am thrilled that this was recognised. Whilst Circa is still a good restaurant to visit there are some opportunities for improvement as my partner in crime and I discovered when we dined at Circa recently.

I'm looking forward to returning to Melbourne in January to try some more restaurants/ cafes. If you have any recommendations please post a reply & let me know.


Anonymous StrandedInCanberra! said...

Hi Steph's,

I would recommend you try il dolce freddo in Melbourne. It is a gelati joint in Melbourne's Italian quarter, Lygon St.

The address is:

Il Dolce Freddo Feelin' Foodie Reviews
Address:116 Lygon Street
Telephone:03 9639 3344

I am yet to find any Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne gelati joint that can match their gelati.

Just to prove this claim, try walking from CBD end of Lygon st to the Shell fuel station end of Lygon St. This is possibly the gelati joint that is most clogged with ASIAN clientelle. No other place is this clogged with Asian. Be adventurous and try their exotic Asian flavor, like Durian, green tea and Pandan! Their chocolate based flagship is also awesome, like Nutella or Ferrero Rocher. THey even do alcoholic flavors, like Bailey or Cointreau.
I doubt you will ever want to eat any such ice cream in Sydney's Passion Flower! Everything is just so overpriced there. I seriously doubt paying that much is justifiable after you try this Melbourne gelati joint!

A couple more thing to recommend is BBQ pork and chinese sausage bun in Nam Loong restaurant.
It is on
Address:223 Russell Street
Telephone:03 9663 4089

My Sydney friends seem to be really fond of their bun. I don't know why. Plenty of chinese in Sydney. How can a formidable match for just a simple bun not exist? I couldn't believe it myself

One last suggestion:

Egg tart from Maxim Bakery in the corner of Little Bourke and Russel St. Cheap and cheerful yet no less authentic than the one you can get in Hongkong or Macau.

8:00 pm  

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