Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Top Choice, Market City, Haymarket

Top Choice, Market City, Haymarket
Wednesday 11 October, 2006

I vowed to return after my last visit as the food was just so good. Tonight, we were looking for somewhere cheap & cheerful and I just couldn't resist.

Top Choice is probably the brightest, cleanest offering in the Market City food court. Located on Level 3 it sits among MC Laksa, Happy Chef, Shanghai Tang and Super Chef BBQ. It's worth doing a lap of honour and checking out each of the offerings, because it will confirm for you that Top Choice is the only option. The other deciding factor will be the crowds - they are all standing at Top Choice looking at the inviting wall of photos showcasing some of the meals available.

We decided to indulge with the sizzling garlic prawns, vegetables in oyster sauce, sizzling fillet steak and crispy skin chicken. This is all ordered and paid for at the counter - you don't receive a docket or receipt as they just churn out the dishes from the kitchen and then shout out the name of the dish when it is ready.

Things move at a lightning pace here - we had just found seats and ordered drinks when our first dish was announced. Quickly followed by the second, third and fourth.

The garlic prawns were delicious - very garlicy and presented on a hot plate to retain the sizzle. The shell and tails has been removed - thanks! The sizzling fillet steak was served in huge, hard to chew through pieces. Next time I will ask for them to serve it cubed. It was very tender but incredibly chewy. The chicken was lovely, also tender with a crispy outer coating.

Top Choice is consistently busy, there is one staff member on the counter and their job is not to engage in small talk, just take orders and money. This is appropriate given the surrounds and at the end of the day, it's all about the food.

Top Choice - Level 3: F3.11, Market City, Haymarket - T: 9212 3190


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