Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Avenue Cafe, Avenue Road, Mosman

The Avenue Cafe, Avenue Road, Mosman
Tuesday 26 September, 2006

I worked in Mosman several years ago and use to stop here for coffee every morning. I remember the staff being quite good but they never remembered my order (not like my current coffee fave - Bar Bene - where all the staff know your name and you never need to order - I love it).

This morning I was up and about early so decided to pop in for breakfast. Not surprisingly it was packed with locals - parents & school kids, business colleagues and plenty of work from home types. Surprisingly the same staff were behind the counter.

The interior is a little plain, wooden floors, tables and chairs, large blackboard with daily specials, large windows looking out to Avenue Road and the taxi rank across the road, side table with daily papers, magazines and a large front counter that hides the coffee machine and cash register.

I sat inside and was handed a menu within moments. The breakfast menu is lean and contains all the usual suspects - cereal, fruit & yoghurt, porridge, toast, eggs, bacon etc. I ordered a coffee and opened my book, 'Not another book about Italy' by Ann Rickard. Since returning from Italy I've been reading everything I can get my hands on and this one was quite entertaining in parts. As the back cover states,

'Ann Rickard has not lived in Italy for any length of time, nor has she restored an old house and bonded with local signoras. Instead, after decades of working, paying off mortgages and raising children, she has packed up herself, her husband Geoffrey and her laptop, and headed off for some well-earned luxury. The result? A joyous and wine-soaked tour of some of Italy’s most breathtaking cities, villages and trattorias.'

It wasn't long before I was getting peckish so ordered my breakfast fave eggs benedict. This is the breakfast I usually order when I am out as I have never been able to replicate it at home. It was delivered promptly and with their special homemade hollandaise was just perfect. It wasn't swimming in hollandaise and had a good balance between muffin, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise.

A good local (if only they would remember your name).

The Avenue Cafe, 185 Avenue Road, Mosman - T: 9969 9981


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