Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Road, The Domain

Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Road, The Domain
Tuesday 24 January, 2007

Tonight I was fortunate enough to receive a free ticket to a corporate event at the Art Gallery of NSW. I really couldn't tell you the last time I have visited this gallery so it was a pleasant surprise to return and have access to a free cocktail event and entry into the Goddess: Divine Energy exhibit.

We arrived promptly at 6pm to be met by rows of waiters offering Taylors white & sparkling wine - yes please! Shortly afterwards the nibbles came out:

- mini fritatas with tomato relish
- shredded duck rolls
- Thai chicken sticks
- salmon roe shells
- mini steaks

Like most events you had to position yourself near the kitchen or stalk a waiter carrying a tray to receive any food. But, we did OK. There were some speeches to stand through and then they opened the exhibit. The promotional blurb stated,

"Countless images of Hindu and Buddhist goddesses depict her variously as seductive, benevolent, malevolent: a loving mother, a compassionate saviour or rage personified. With her male counterpart she can be the compliant consort, the passionate lover, or a symbol of blissful Awakening.

This exhibition surveys the innumerable, imaginative expressions of the divine female found in the art of India, Tibet and Nepal through over 120 paintings and sculptures, dating from the early centuries CE through to the 20th century. Major public and private collections of Asian art around the world are lenders to the exhibition."

It was a fascinating exhibit and the text that supported each display was well written to assist a novice. After we finished each room of the exhibit we returned to the Gallery foyer where there were still drinks available and trays of individual Lindt chocolates.

I think I could get used to this....

Art Gallery of NSW - Art Gallery Road, The Domain - (02) 9225 1700



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