Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Golden Century, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Golden Century, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Wednesday 3 January, 2007

We were on our way to see the new Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett film, Babel, at the Entertainment Quarter and couldn't past our favourite Chinese for dinner beforehand. Even though the rowdy cricket crowd had made their way into the Entertainment Quarter we were able to secure a table by the window easily.

Our waiter Johnnie was pleasant if a little difficult to locate at times. I have always wanted to order something that is selected from the tank. So, we decided to splurge on a lobster. It's a little confronting to have the lobster bought to the table in a plastic bag for approval and even more confronting to have the price stated out loud, but we were up for it.

Tonight we decided to alter slightly from our usual Golden Century feast and ordered the following:

- San choy bow
- Salt & pepper tofu
- Wasabi beef
- Lobster with ginger & shallots
- Fried rice

They delivered the San choy bow first even though we asked for the San choy bow and Salt & pepper tofu to be bought out together. It was delicious - I love the crispness of the lettuce leaf with the pork mince & water chestnuts.

The Salt & pepper tofu was cut in thick chunks and had the perfect balance of salt & pepper. The wasabi beef was great - it didn't have the usual WOW factor kick to it but was very, very good. The lobster came to the table on a large platter and contained a mixture of crab claws and half shells - it was a challenge to dig out all the meat but thankfully there was an abundance of crab meat coated in ginger & shallot. It was delicious.

We sat back and watched the crowds line the stairs - it's a well oiled machine at Golden Century and is all about the food.

Fox Golden Century - Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park - (02) 9358 4488


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