Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reel cafe, Pacific Highway, Roseville

Reel cafe, Pacific Highway, Roseville
Wednesday 27 December, 2006

This morning we saw an early session of 'The Queen' at Roseville Cinema. Helen Mirren was brilliant in her portrayal of the Queen and it's a thought provoking look into the Royal Family and the British government. Afterwards we decided to lunch at Reel cafe next door.

Reel cafe is a light airy space with wooden floorboards and colourful artwork on the walls. We were invited to sit wherever we wanted except in the front bay window that was reserved.

We ordered some bruschetta to start and I wasn't surprised that it arrived at the table with toasted bread. When I was in Italy a few months ago I learnt (for the first time) that traditional Italian bruschetta is served on fresh, untoasted bread with vibrant, fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil. I certainly wasn't aware of this but the explanation provided to us was that when you use fresh Italian bread you don't need to toast it. I would never have believed this had I not tasted it for myself (and...they were right).

Four large serves were delivered to the table and the bruschetta was lovely with large chunks of tomato, Spanish onion and strips of basil drizzled in oil. The menu for lunch is a mixture of light meals and something more substantial. Everything we asked the waiter about she referred to as 'light'.

I ordered the Cajun chicken foccacia with potato wedges and my lunch buddies ordered the red snapper, vegetarian tart and another Cajun chicken foccacia. Theses took some time to arrive but the food was lovely - we all enjoyed our lunch.

The Cajun chicken foccacia was excellent - the chicken was filleted and marinated in Cajun sauce - it was mildly spicy and tasted delicious - the potato wedges were also good but it would have been nice to receive a sauce e.g. sweet chilli or selection of sauces to dip the wedges.

The staff are pleasant enough but could be a little more assertive around sharing the specials, taking orders, picking up plates etc.

Reel cafe - 110 Pacific Highway, Roseville - (02) 9416 1066


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