Friday, June 29, 2007

Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia, Tank Stream Way, Sydney

Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia, Tank Stream Way, Sydney
Friday 29 June, 2007

I was introduced to this little gem within the last 2 weeks and have been back several times since. Jimmy's proclaim to serve the best laksa in Sydney - not sure if I can categorically endorse that, but it's damn good.

Located in a lane way off Bridge St, you honestly wouldn't know it existed. I've walked up Bridge St for years and never knew about it. As you approach around lunchtime you can see the tacky fluro coloured sign hanging just above the entrance. You'll either notice that or the steady stream of eager diners.

To enter you walk up one of two small sets of stairs to the counter. Aside from lasksa there are a range of Malaysian dishes served with rice and plenty of other soups to pick from. The speciality? Laska and it's only $7. Bargain.

The dining space is minute with only 8 small low tables & bench seats on offer. It's cramped, over-crowded but the smells coming from the packed kitchen are sensational. Here's a tip - if you would like to eat in go early e.g 12pm or late 1.3pm to guarantee a seat. Here's another tip - if you arrive and there are no tables available don't order your food yet. The food comes out so quickly that you should ensure you have a table first.

Each time I've visited over the past 2 weeks we've been lucky to score a table with minimal wait. At the counter - there is typically a queue so be prepared to wait - the idea is to order, pay and move aside. It can get a little congested at the counter but things do move especially as there are so many staff working behind the counter and in the kitchen.

You are provided your meals on a tray with a non stick mat (smart move) and cutlery. There are also condiments e.g. extra chillis, hot sauce etc available. It's definitely not a place to linger over lunch - the idea is to eat and go - which may explain why so many people come in for takeaway.

Jimmy's is a find and while the weather is cold I'll be a frequent visitor.

Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia - Shop 3, 17-19 Bridge Street, Tank Stream Way (Singapore Airline House), Sydney


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