Monday, August 13, 2007

Burger Bun, George St, Sydney

Burger Bun, George St, Sydney
Monday 13 August, 2007
My lunch buddy had recently returned to work from maternity leave. So, when she suggested we go to our favourite burger joint for lunch I had to break the news that it had left the CBD. I have craved a good burger since its departure. However, there may be a viable alternative close by.
Last week I mentioned a new food court called Food @ 259 and wrote about Thai Tree. We approached the food court and were amazed that there are still only two shop fronts open - what's going on people??? There's a huge lunch crowd waiting for you. Located a hop, skip & a jump from Thai Tree is the Burger Bun. With its fluorescent lights, bright coloured menu, catchy burger names and opening specials the Burger Bun is an attractive option.
We stood a while taking in the catchy burger names and making a touch decision. As part of their opening specials they are offering any burger, drink and chips or salad for $6.90. Yes, you read correctly.....$6.90 for a burger, drink and chips or salad. Bargain!
Without hesitation my lunch buddy and I ordered the Archibald - beef burger with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomato. We ordered and paid at the counter before receiving a docket with our order number printed on it. A steady lunch crowd followed to take advantage of the cheap & cheerful deal. A short time later we heard our number called and walked over to collect our brown paper bag full of goodies.
The burgers were delicious - the buns were seriously good and not the sesame version but the light, gourmet bread roll version that is easier to eat as a traditional burger i.e squashed together and eaten with your hands. Is there any other way??? We also received a side of chips that were sprinkled with chicken salt.
My lunch buddy and I thoroughly enjoyed our burgers. I think we've found our new burger bar.
Burger Bun - 259 George St, Sydney


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