Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Khaymat Al Bahar, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Khaymat Al Bahar, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Tuesday 16 October, 2007

Located on the grounds of Madinat Jumeirah, Khaymat Al Bahar is a Persian restaurant offering a buffet style feast. The translation is 'Tent of the beach' which captures the decor perfectly. The restaurant is set up with small tented rooms decorated with tea lit lanterns - it is stunning.

A reflection of Bedouin structure, Khaymat Al Bahar serves the beach and pool during the day and into the night. As the sun sets the lanterns take centre stage and sparkle. We were greeted and escorted into the body of the restaurant past the open plan kitchens and through to our table.
There was no explanation of what we do and as we weren't provided with menus we decided to jump up and review the buffet.

Fortunately there was a chef in the kitchen and he kindly walked us through the kitchen and explained the different dishes. He even encouraged us to try the two soups - mixed bean soup and chicken & lentil soup - on offer before we tucked into the lebanese breads and selection of dips - hummus, baba ghannouj, spicy tahini etc. Too many dishes to pick from!

After enjoying a variety of entrees we walked around the kitchen to decide what next. There were several meat dishes, tabouli, cous cous and then the chef in the centre was cooking a few dishes to order:
  • Spiced prawns in tomato and onion sauce
  • Fried potatoes
  • Beef sliced off the bone

We were overwhelmed by the choices and piled up our plates so that we could try everything. The food was delightful - the meat tender, salad fresh and tangy and rice soft. Our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we couldn't finish our plates. It was so disappointing as we desperately wanted to finish everything too.

There was no way we could have eaten dessert but after settling back and enjoying our wine in this stunning atmosphere we started to feel like something sweet. We all wanted backlava but the kitchen didn't have any on hand. Not to worry our intrepid waiter told us to sit tight and he managed to secure some from another Persian restaurant in the Madinat Jumeirah complex....helps when you have 40 or so restaurants to draw on! This was a lovely touch and we were delivered a huge plate of divine backlava that we felt obliged to eat.

Khaymat Al Bahar - Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai - +971 4 3668888



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