Monday, October 08, 2007

SeLAh, Loftus St, Circular Quay

SeLAh, Loftus St, Circular Quay

Monday 8 October, 2007

After receiving several recommendations for SeLAh I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it during Good Food Month. My lunch buddy today is leaving at the end of this week to take up a very exciting job offer so this was a celebration.

SeLAh - a Hebrew word meaning pause or rest is located on the bus thoroughfare - Loftus St. We arrived at midday and were welcomed inside. I was immediately struck by the exposed sandstone wall opposite the bold red wall with contemporary art work. The dining space was small but it worked. We were given a choice of tables and opted for the table along the red wall. Within moments another staff member came by to welcome us and provide us with menus, including the Let's do Lunch offering.

Let's do Lunch is an annual event every October and I love it. It allows you to try different restaurants with a capped $35 price tag. This includes a main meal and glass of wine/ beer/ soft drink. SeLAh's lunchtime deal included:
  • Barramundi fillet with crispy chorizo, black mussel, fennel and sauce vierge
  • Brown Brothers Viognier
and to compliment this we also ordered hand-cut chips.

We were impressed by the attentiveness of the staff and also the complimentary items that arrived shortly afterwards:
  • Fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Celeraic volute with truffle oil

When our main meals arrived we were in awe of the presentation. The Barrumundi fillet was piled on top of the chopped fennel and chorizo and surrounded by mussels in sauce vierge. It looked and tasted divine. The fish fell apart and melted in your mouth.

The service was outstanding and for my first Let's Do Lunch outing in 2007 this was a winner.

SeLAh - 12 Loftus St, Circular Quay - (02)


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