Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Balbo, Turin, Italy

Balbo, Turin, Italy
Tuesday 28 August, 2001

This is the consistently referred to as the best restaurant in Turin. The atmosphere is formal but you expect that at one of Italy's top restaurants. They serve a wide range of regional dishes and have an excellent selection of wine. It is expensive but the dining experience is just that, an experience. As I wasn't paying, I enjoyed this restaurant immensely.

The food is rich and it's certainly not the place for those watching their waistline. You have to enjoy this food, so asking for them to hold the butter, oil, cheese etc is an absolute no no.....

There were 6 of us dining and we chose the antipasto for entree. This was delicious, artichokes, olives, ham, sun dried tomatoes, capsicum etc. For main I had to try the Agnolotti del Plin (minced beef handstuffed ravioli) with white Alba truffle. When in Italy.....or is it France.....

The staff are attentive and were accommodating to the quasi-Italian were attempted to speak - their English is OK but thankfully the menus are in English too, otherwise we would have gone hungry.

For a memorable night in Turin - try Balbo.


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