Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Asagao, Pitt Street, Sydney

Asagao, Pitt Street, Sydney
Tuesday 6 December 2005

On our way to see Joe Cocker at the State Theatre, we were stumped to find a good place to grab a quick bite. Losing time, we decided to meet friends at the Sushi Train opposite Pitt St Mall.

To our surprise, it is no longer the Sushi Train. It's still Japanese with a train traveling around the restaurant carrying small plates of sushi & sashimi but it now has wooden benches that can accommodate up to four diners as well as the traditional sushi stools. It is now called Asagao - a relatively new Japanese chain that has popped up at Westfield Bondi, Manly Wharf etc.

Alarm bells should go off when you enter a restaurant and there is a sign blu tac'd to the wall that states, 'Please!!! Take a extra care for your belongs!'. This was word for word, not a spelling mistake or error on my behalf.

I decided to go for some goyzas and a tempura prawn cake. They were chewy, hard and disgusting. They had probably been sitting there since 10am that morning. My friends went for the BBQ chicken noodles and vegetable noodles - these were passable.

The ginger bowls were empty, the staff do not understand the concept of service and the restaurant closed as we, and about 6 other diners, were still eating.

Don't bother....


Anonymous bicks said...

Absolutely disgusting restaurant. The oil stench makes me want to spew everyday when I walk past

12:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been there and really liked it. Food was fresh and tasty.

6:44 am  
Anonymous Helene said...

Scintillating food! Had the vegetarian soup which was so substantial & delicious - the stock so tasty. My friend had the terriyaki chicken which in her opinion was an amazing dish - definetely a must experience! It lingers & reminds you that you must again re-visit! Excellent & quick service by the way ....


6:34 pm  

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