Saturday, November 12, 2005

I would not recommend going overboard like this, but let me tell how good the food was.....

Breakfast at Danks St Depot, Danks St, Waterloo @ 10am

I enjoy Danks St, it is not busy every weekend (you can be lucky..) however if it full of kids/ prams it is virtually unbearable - tip: kids and floorboards do not mix, the noise carries. Anyway, the food is consistently good and I am a fan of the basil & goats cheese omelet, the creamed eggs with truffle oil and the coffee. Request - please bring back the simple but delicious egg & bacon roll! Here's a tip for future guests ask for the garlic bread (yes, for breakfast) it is not on the menu but ask for it anyway, they will prepare it and also sell it so that you can take it home for later. It comes with whole garlic pieces and is dripping in butter - naughty but very, very good. The artwork next door is worth a look and the Lucky beer picture at the far end is a welcome addition. My only real gripe is the spacing of the tables - they are way too close - the staff can't squeeze in between so how can you expect the guests to?

Danks Street Depot - 1 Danks Street, Waterloo - (02) 96982201

Lunch at the Oaks Hotel, Military Rd, Neutral Bay @ 2pm

The Oaks is my local, so I am probably a little bias. I love the outdoor beer garden, it is a great people watching area, place to drink away the afternoon and catch up with friends. The food is also a surprise - there is the cook your own (where only you are to blame..) or try the pot of mussels (served with chips and variety of toppings) or go a gourmet pizza. This is the option me & my friends took - thai chicken, Oaks deluxe and seafood. Maybe it's the amount you drink that makes the food taste so good?

Oaks Hotel - 118 Military Road, Neutral Bay - (02) 99535515

Dinner at Golden Century Seafood, Sussex St, Sydney @ 8pm

This place is fantastic. If the queue out the door from 8 - 10pm doesn't tell you something I don't know what will. The service upstairs is 10 times better than downstairs - book & request a table upstairs - the airconditioning is on upstairs and they don't try and move you on quickly (like they do downstairs). The food is very hard to fault and having visited China earlier this year, I spent some time talking with the waiters about some dishes that were not on the menu - ask and you will receive - water spinach with garlic (only when it is in season from September) and chilli chicken (served with whole chillis and only for lovers of hot dishes). From the menu we ordered an absolute feast - chicken with ginger and shallots, black pepper beef, honey king prawns (the biggest prawns I have seen), salt and pepper squid and my all time favourite dish - you have to try this - grandma's bean curd - fresh tofu served in a bowl of thick paste with chilli and shallots - unbelievable.

Golden Century - 393 Sussex Street, Haymarket - (02) 92123901

This was an extraordinary day - I don't do this regularly but god it was good.


Anonymous Joanna said...

Do not know how you find the time.
Keep it up

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