Friday, November 25, 2005

Stir Crazy Thai, Bay Road, Waverton

Stir Crazy Thai, Bay Road, Waverton
Thursday 24 & Friday 25 November, 2005

Two nights in a row? Yes....last night was spur of the moment as I visited a friend's place in Waverton and we decided to stop in for a quick meal around 8.30pm. Tonight was a planned dinner with friends at 6.30pm.

Stir Crazy is a very informal shoebox of a restaurant in several locations around Sydney e.g. Waverton, Kirribilli and Erskinville. The atmosphere is loud and buzzy with several staff squeezing through the small spaces between the tables. The menu is full of variety and the bonus is it's BYO.

The kitchen is in full view of the dining area, so there's the sound of stir fries heating up in large woks and the view of flames rising above the hot plates. For the amount of staff on the floor, the service is pretty average. The food is simple, fresh and reasonably priced for the portion sizes. My favourite dishes are the pumpkin stir fry, pad thai and fresh spring rolls.

Take along a bottle of wine and it's a cheap and cheerful night out.

Stir Crazy Thai - 2/94a Bay Road, Waverton - (02) 99550709


Anonymous Andrea said...

I love it!! Well done you, this could be the start of something.
It also reminded me of the great Vietnamese in Crows Nest...must get
down there soon. I think the only thing missing is a picture of you!! C'mon people want
to know what you look like! Can't wait to read where you go next!

9:46 pm  

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