Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bar Milazzo, Bridge St, Sydney

Bar Milazzo, Bridge St, Sydney
Tuesday 13 December, 2005

Lunch in the city always feels rushed; you have to get back to work, your friends want to keep talking, your meals take ages to arrive etc

Bar Milazzo is located at the bottom of the Royal Exchange building on Bridge St. It is protected from the city heat with an enclosed verandah and large umbrellas. It wasn't busy and the staff seemed more concerned with chatting than serving the tables. When we finally ordered my friends selected their meals from the specials blackboard; chicken & asparagus broth and 2 x spatchcock salad with roasted vegetables. I chose the smoked salmon salad with chat potatoes, spanish onion, roasted capsicum and lemon mayonnaise.

Twenty five minutes passed and we still hadn't received our meals. We wondered what the service would be like if the cafe was packed - it would probably be closer to fifty minutes.

The meals were good, when they arrived, however the smoked salmon salad was very light on the salmon and would have been more aptly called potato salad.

For an inner city cafe, surely they understand that the lunchtime rush is just that -a RUSH. I don't know about you but my days of the long lunch seem a distant memory (much to my disappointment).

Bar Milazzo - 21 Bridge Street, Sydney - (02) 92527355


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