Friday, December 30, 2005

South, King Street, Newtown

South, King Street, Newtown
Friday 30 December, 2005

We had browsed the shops up & down King Street and decided it was time to eat before the movie (Broken Flowers). South looks inviting with it's wide entrance and mix of lounges, cube seats and chairs inside. Apparently there is a courtyard out the back but we didn't make it that far.

Sitting near the King St entrance is noisy with the constant stream of traffic and lively locals. We decided to order the mezze plate and share a salad (rocket, red kidney beans, sun dried tomatoes, olives, haloumi and a citrus balsamic vinegar dressing). It all sounded so delicious.

For drinks they do a good selection of fruit frappes that look great but I decided to revert back to my childhood and order a coke spider (scoop of icecream in a glass of coke). This was sensational and just what I felt like.

Sadly, the food didn't deliver. It was OK but nothing special - the mezze plate had a selection of olives, the smallest cubes of feta cheese I have ever seen and some greens.

We were given the wrong bill and took it to the counter to resolve. The Manager proceeded to reprimand our waitress in front of us (completely unnecessary) and then gave her a lesson in how to file the receipts (a complete waste of our time).

South - 232 King Street, Newtown - (02) 95578839


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