Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sydney Fresh Food Market, Parramatta Rd, Flemington

Sydney Fresh Food Market, Parramatta Rd, Flemington
Saturday 7 January, 2006

I'm not a morning person, so the 6.30pm start was a tad difficult. My foodie friend, Jen, had assured me that we needed to get out there really early to see what happens, enjoy the atmosphere, get the best produce.....all I was thinking about was coffee!

You can't miss the Sydney Fresh Food Market. It's situated on a massive site and ever second car is entering the premises. Fortunately we arrived early enough to find a park directly outside the entrance to the Growers Market - any later would mean driving around for ages trying to score a park or parking a couple of km's away. The issue here is that you buy so much that you really need to get there early to park nearby and be prepared.

By this, I mean, bringing several bags or better yet your own trolley. You can hire a trolley ($10 upfront and a $7 refund when you return it) on the premises and it really is the only way to make the most of your experience. When you see the regulars with their home made trolleys & baskets you feel like an amateur. I did with my one green shopping bag.

Upon entry are the fish markets (better prices are available at the Sydney Fish Markets), so bypass this and head into the main part of the warehouse for the fruit & vegetables. This is where the fun starts - the smells, the narrow walkways, the people (and the pungent body odour...), the beautiful displays of food and the tastes. Here's a tip - try everything before you buy it. The stall holders are only to pleased to give you a sample.

Here are some of the bargains to be enjoyed: $1 for a punnet of strawberries, $2 for a kilo of plums, $2 for 3 punnets of blackberries, $3 for kilo bag of snow peas, $5 for a box of 60 apples, $6 for tray of rockmelons and $12 for a tray of 15 mangos.

Why would you shop anywhere else when bargains of this magnitude can found in Flemington? I certainly wouldn't go there every week but I would go there to stock up on fruit & vegetables maybe once a month.

Sydney Fresh Food Market - Parramatta Road, Flemington


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