Thursday, January 05, 2006

Enigma, Grand Pde, Brighton-Le-Sands

Enigma, Grand Pde, Brighton-Le-Sands
Thursday 5 January, 2006

Greek yum cha? I thought there was only one kind of yum cha, so the temptation of greek yum cha meant I ended up in Brighton-le-Sands for lunch with a friend.

On this overcast day we entered Enigma and discovered an empty restaurant - I always find this a little strange and wonder why there are no other guests - is there something we don't know?

Our waiter was pleasant enough but appeared to be going through the motions - he didn't talk or offer any explanation about the dishes.

For $28 pp Enigma offers a variety of greek dishes that is very reasonable - considering you feel like rolling out onto the Grand parade. It's certainly not yum cha as would expect with ladies pushing trolleys around and selecting what dishes you would like to try. Enigma's Greek yum cha is basically a set menu & the dishes are delivered to your table in the following order:

- A selection of dips (tzatiki, tarasamalata & eggplant) with beautiful fresh bread
- Cabbage salad
- Grilled haloumi
- BBQ octopus
- The most delicious roast lamb (this was by far the best dish)
- Beef croquettes in a rich tomato sauce
- Vine leaves
- Spinach triangles
- Zucchini & cheese croquettes

It was good - I'd go back specifically for the roast lamb.

Enigma restaurant - 88 The Grand Pde, Brighton-le-Sands - (02)95563611


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