Saturday, February 11, 2006

Trans restaurant, Military Road, Mosman

Trans restaurant, Military Road, Mosman
Saturday 11 February, 2006

This visit did not get off to a good start. I had called over a week ago and left a message with my reservation details. Usually, they call back the next day and confirm the reservation. By Thursday I hadn't heard anything so I called them. They didn't have my booking listed for Saturday but when I asked them to double check they found it but hadn't transferred it to a table booking. Unfortunately they could only fit us in at 6.30pm.

When we arrived they stated that the table was booked again at 8pm. Great. There were only three tables occupied at this time but it took ages for our order to be taken. You'd think they'd be all over us considering our table was double booked.

We kicked off with the vietnamese pancake and side salad (one of my favourite dishes) and the boneless stuffed chicken wing with minced pork, mushroom, vermicelli & seasoning - delicious. You could easily eat one to yourself.

For mains we selected the Crispy boneless duck served with Gai Choy and other daily vegetables and the Curry prawns spicy curry prawns with coriander - cooked with coconut milk. With a small pot of steamed rice to accompany the dishes we were in business.

A hint with the curry prawns - once you eat all of the prawns etc inside the coconut, you can scoop out of the fresh coconut and mix it into the curry sauce - this makes the dish last longer and ensures all the flavours are captured.

Tonight, the food was great but I was not overly impressed with the service. By the time we left Trans was packed. I think I'll try takeaway next time.

Trans restaurant - 523 Military Road, Mosman - (02)99699275


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