Saturday, April 22, 2006

Meals with Steph, Camperdown, Sydney

Meals with Steph, Camperdown, Sydney
Saturday 22 April, 2006

Another foodie, Steph (from Meals with Steph - not me...seriously) invited a small group of us over for dinner to experience her Guinness beef stew and Toblerone mousse. Never one to turn down a free meal, especially a home cooked meal I gladly accepted.

We were invited into her great open plan apartment and greeted with pesto stuffed olives and a cheese plate. Steph had recently purchased a cooker and shared the joys of this contraption as she put the finishing touches to our meal. The guinness beef stew had been simmering away since 10am that morning so I was salivating as I imagined how tender the meat would be.

We moved to the dining table which was set with fabulous black & white placemats and matching serviettes. The table setting included a centrepiece that looked very modern and included reminders of the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Steph included carrots, mushrooms and onions in her stew and served it on a bed of crushed chat potatoes. Yum! I can categorically say that this was one of the nicest meals I have enjoyed for a while - the beef stew was tender and rich and it's real comfort food. Perfect for the cooler months.

Then we paused for a while before tucking into dessert - toblerone mousse. Well, for all you chocoholics out there have I got a dessert for you. This is the most decadent, rich dessert I have ever tried - Steph served it in a martini glass with a ginger biscuit on top. Wow! As much as I consider myself to be a chocoholic - I couldn't get through this dessert - a few mouthfuls was all I could manage, but gee it tasted good.

Now, to all my friends reading this, please don't think I will be writing up your home cooked meals when you invite me over - this was a one off. Steph has included each recipe on her food blog - so check it out.

Meals with Steph - Camperdown, Sydney


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