Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pyrmonts, L1 Star City, Pyrmont St, Pyrmont

Pyrmonts, L1 Star City, Pyrmont St, Pyrmont
Thursday 22 June, 2006

Tonight an old work buddy and I were off to see 'Stomp' at the Lyric Theatre, Star City. Looking over the casino website, I had no idea there were so many restaurants within the complex - 7 by my count. Pyrmonts is located on Level 1 and the website advertises a pre-theatre menu from $42.

On arrival we were greeted by 3 staff who stumbled around trying to locate our booking and find enough menus and a wine list. Things did not get off to a great start. We ordered drinks and watched as the large groups of tourists entered and sat at the long tables set up beside us. Our waiter appeared twice in an attempt to take our order however we weren't ready......too busy talking.

We decided to look over the menu and discovered there is no pre-theatre menu after all. Then, when we were ready to order there were no staff in sight. We waited.....and waited and a good 15 minutes passed before we stood up and waved down a waiter.

Pyrmont's is described as a casual steak and seafood restaurant serving fresh and simple meals at great value prices. My work buddy ordered the tasmanian salmon with tomato ragout and I ordered the sirloin with pepper sauce and potato mash. We wanted to order a glass of wine with our meals and asked to see the wine list. Our waiter said he would order for us if we just told him what we wanted i.e. red or white - what the?!*@ I found this approach incredibly rude and we asked for the wine list again so we could choose our own wine. This seemed to be a serious inconvenience for him.

Both meals were between $28 - $32. I don't believe this is great value. Sure, the size of the meals were large but for this price I would expect to see great produce cooked well. Instead, it is mass produced food - the restaurant has capacity for 180 guests. The food was average - the tomato ragout was a pile of onion with a miniscule amount of tomato, the potato mash was lumpy and the steak had more fat than meat. It was disappointing.

Next time I visit the casino to see a show, I won't be dining at Pyrmonts.

Pyrmonts - L1 Star City, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont - 1800 700 700


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