Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, Sussex St, Sydney

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, Sussex St, Sydney
Wednesday 31 May, 2006

Tonight was a special occasion - an opportunity to introduce Rick & Kirsty to some of my favourite dishes from China. Being the food enthusiast that I am I had talked up some of the dishes (and re-assured them I wouldn't order dog) and come prepared with my food list along with their Chinese translations.

Golden Century is always packed and was awarded One chef's hat by the Sydney Morning Herald at the Good Food Guide Awards 2006. It's recommended you make a booking and sit upstairs which is away from the crowds and queues downstairs. It continually amazes me how many people are milling around the entrance waiting for tables (especially as the restaurant has capacity for 600 guests) and it is very satisfying to walk past this crowd and take the escalator upstairs to find your table ready.

Tonight we had a wonderful waiter who was more than happy to accommodate my list of meals and discuss my recent trip to China. I loved the way he took one look at my list and immediately confirmed each dish - many of which were not listed on their menu. As Rick & Kirsty were trying some of these dishes for the first time, we also ordered some of their favourite dishes......just in case. We ordered a feast of:

- Cucumber & garlic (slices of garlic with chopped up garlic and oil - served cold). This is a fantastic starter that is light and refreshing.
- San Choy Bow (minced pork, garlic, water chestnuts and vegetables served in lettuce leaves)
- Grandmother's beancurd (silken tofu, minced meat and chilli)
- Salt & pepper squid
- Chilli chicken (chicken pieces, zucchini and chilli)

To their credit they tried each and every dish and we all agreed hands down that the best dish was the Cucumber and garlic. I guess this proves the theory that you should keep it simple.

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant - 393 Sussex St, Sydney - (02) 9212 3901


Blogger fishzle said...

So, out of the five dishes you listed, which ones weren't on the menu?

They don't seem all that rare to me.

8:53 pm  
Blogger chinching said...

You were lucky.

The waiters there are only kind to Caucasians.

I recall when I dined there with my friends, the waiter threw a bunch of chopsticks on the table with a stack of tissue and didn't even bother to distribute them to each diner.

When the teapot came, it was hammered to the table.

We only had one Westerner at the table and it seems he was the only person the waiter was paying attention to. At least he was the only person the waiter smiled to and did not interject.

When we were trying to say something to the waiter in Mandarin, he appeared to be impatient and he sometimes ignored us when we called him (from a close distance). As a result my friend had to walk up to him to talk.

It does not feel good when you are treated that way.

Another friend at the table confirmed that she was treated in the same way when she were there last time.

Maybe it is because we are mainlanders? (People from Hong Kong sometimes look down upon us as we come from a less developed place.)

Food is just above average, if take into account those emerging authentic Shangdone and Sichuan restaurants, such as Red Chili.

6:27 pm  

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