Monday, June 19, 2006

Walsh Bay Cafe, Hickson Rd, Dawes Point

Walsh Bay Cafe, Hickson Rd, Dawes Point
Monday 19 June, 2006

Tonight we were off to see the bizarrely named musical, 'Urinetown' at the Sydney Theatre. Instead of going to the Sydney Dance Cafe (our usual pre-theatre meeting point) we decided to return to the Walsh Bay Cafe.

A short stroll from the Sydney Theatre, the Walsh Bay Cafe opened 9 months ago. One of my theatre buddies and I dined there during it's opening week - the service was appalling, they bought out the wrong order and the food was average.

Tonight however, we were impressed with how far things have come. There is still a tacky red canvas sign hanging out the front advertising it as a 'Chinese restaurant' but there are now tables outside and the decor inside has improved with a gorgeous wallpaper print of Chinese characters and framed pictures of Chinese women from the early 1900's. There are red tables clothes on the low dark wood tables and box seats that you pull out from under the tables.

We were the first to arrive for dinner and were met by a friendly waiter who welcomed us in and offered us menus. The menu consists of a handful of starters e.g. spring rolls and sang choy bow, vegetables & noodles, chicken, seafood and meat dishes. It's a simple laminated menu with food on one side and drinks listed on the other side.

We asked our waiter to describe the Shanghai fried noodles and she explained they were large round noodles served with pork mince and vegetables. We also asked for a recommendation and she indicated that many guests order the fish with ginger & shallots or any of the prawn dishes. We opted for the Shanghai fried noodles and King prawns with snow peas and XO sauce.

Both dishes were delivered promptly and when the Shanghai fried noodles arrived it was served with thin slices of chicken. Our waiter simply stated the kitchen had run out of pork mince and replaced it with chicken. would have been nice for the kitchen to consult us before going ahead and replacing the pork with chicken. That said, the noodles were very good and the King prawns were fabulous. Most dishes are between $14 - 19 each and the servings are ideal for 2 - 3 people.

I think we may have found a new pre-theatre venue.

Walsh Bay Cafe - 16A Hickson Rd, Dawes Point - (02) 9241 4365


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