Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MOS Cafe, Bridge St, Sydney

MOS Cafe, Bridge St, Sydney
Wednesday 31 May, 2006

Here's some interesting facts for you....The Museum of Sydney is built on the ruins of the house of Australia's first governor-general, Governor Phillip. The original house, which was Australia's first Government House, was built in 1788 and exposed by archaeologists in the 1980s. The Museum of Sydney opened in 1995.

For a first time visitor to the MOS the first thing you will notice is the massive art work in the front forecourt entitled, Edge of the Trees Sculpture. The MOS explanation of this piece is, 'From the edge of the trees the Cadigal people watched as the strangers of the First Fleet struggled ashore in 1788. We can only imagine what their thoughts would have been. This sculptural installation by Janet Laurence and Fiona Foley symbolises that first encounter. Richly embedded with materials and language, the sculpture evokes layers of memory, people and place.' To my untrained eyes it just looks like a series of telephone phone poles without the wires, however it is a good talking point.

I love visiting the MOS shop, it offers some really quirky books showcasing cities from all over the world e.g. Best Restaurants, Hip Bars, Unique Hotels; jewellery, cards & postcards etc. It's the perfect place to visit for gifts or to browse through before meeting friends for lunch at the cafe next door.

The cafe interior offers exposed sandstone, a slate floor, a large communal table made from red gum and scattered tables and chairs throughout. It's dimly lit inside and you can choose to sit inside, in the colonade or out on the forecourt area overlooking the sculpture.

Today was lunch with some old work buddies. We were provided with menus and our drink orders were taken promptly. The menu comprises a selection of pastas, fish & chips, steaks, salads etc and many are offered in entree and main servings. They also have daily specials which comprise a main meal with bread & beverage (beer or wine) for approx. $25.

Like most catch up lunches we were too busy talking to look at our menus and were approached twice by a staff member. On the second approach, we decided to order something hearty as it was cold and miserable outside. Two of us went for the tomato, goats cheese and spinach lasagna with rosemary and parmesan and our other lunch buddy selected the pasta with atlantic salmon, semi sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, olive oil and rocket.

The meals were surprising good and the servings were just right - not ridiculously large so you had no hope of getting through it and not too small that you were left craving more. We all enjoyed our meals however for $35 per person including drinks and coffee it's not somewhere you would go regularly.

MOS Cafe - Bridge St, Sydney - (02) 9251 5988


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