Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Panzerotti Cafe, Cnr Margaret & York Sts, Sydney

Panzerotti Cafe, Cnr Margaret & York Sts, Sydney
Wednesday 2 August, 2006

I had walked past this place while it was being renovated (can't recall what was there previously) and made a note to self: must visit. Sadly, with a memory like a sieve, I forgot all about it.

Today, my lunch buddy surprised me again (she's 2 for 2 at the moment) and suggested we visit Panzerotti. What is panzerotti?

The food translation is pastries stuffed with Gruyère and ham or, as I have discovered after doing a quick search of the web, tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, parsley - the list goes on. My interpretation of this is - put anything you like inside.

In cafe's in a great spot with large open windows but is located down a few flights of stairs from the main entrance on Margaret St. It located in a corner location at the opposite end of the building where the swanky Portico residential site has opened. There is a small dining space inside Panzerotti that is decorated with Italian flags and memorabilia so try to book ahead if you can.

As you enter you are met with coloured cube seating and a handful of tables. It's a quirky touch that works. Down some steps is the counterwherer you can order take away coffee and food. On arrival we were greeted and welcomed inside - the staff were really friendly and happy to offer assistance. What a refreshing approach!

We sat down and our waiter explained what was on offer for lunch today. There are no menus at the table but there is huge signage over the front counter with pictures and text. They offer fresh, oven-baked, handmade and organic produce and this roughly translates to a variety of pastas, chicken burgers etc. It's an interesting mix of food and changes daily.

I ordered the italian sausage and garlic with fusilli pasta and my lunch buddy ordered the penne with tomato and chilli. Both were delivered steaming hot, fresh and with the obligatory parmesan grated over the top. The italian sausage was delicious and had a decent amount of sausage to compliment the garlic which was not over-powering. We both devoured our meals and our waiter checked back to confirm we were happy with everything. It was service with a smile from beginning to end.

I enjoyed the experience and will return.

Panzerotti Cafe - Cnr Margaret & York Sts, Sydney - (02) 9290 1119


Blogger Wazza said...

You forgot to mention one of their strongest selling points and that is their coffee! I followed owner and barista Frankie here from his previous gig because he makes such good espresso and the panzerotti are an added bonus rather than the main thing for me.

Whilst the location can be cold in winter and rather too hot in summer (they have just installed aircon so we shall see how that goes) on a fine spring day there is nothing better than sipping a skim latte whilst seated at the large open window and gazing on the passing parade.

3:32 pm  
Blogger Joshua said...

What are the prices like Steph? I'm considering taking a friend of mine here for lunch but we're both students with student pays haha

10:42 am  
Blogger Steph said...

Hi Joshua,
Thanks for your post. Panzerotti is a CBD cafe so it is reasonably priced - you could both enjoy lunch and coffee for less than $20.

11:26 am  

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