Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bar Lo Sbarco, Via Fegina, Monterosso

Bar Lo Sbarco, Via Fegina, Monterosso
Wednesday 13 September, 2006

This is the view from Bar Lo Sbarco on Monterosso beach - our first lunch by the Mediterranean and we enjoyed every moment. Via Fegina runs the length of Monterosso beach and is complete with cafes, deli's, shops and restaurants. It's a relaxed, laid back place and people wander around in sarongs, kaftans, board shorts and the obligatory thongs (or flip flops as they are called in Europe).

There are several cafes along Via Fegina that share the outdoor dining space and to be honest we didn't really know which cafe we were sitting in until we were delivered the menu. The meal options were explained to us once we had attempted to order and were told that they didn't have any left - OK then.....what do you have?

We all ordered the only thing they had left - panini's with parma ham and mozzarella and water. With the temperature climbing well over 30 degrees we were drinking so much more water. We didn't have any problems with the tap water in Italy but found ourselves buying several bottles of water from the cafes each day.

Bar Lo Sbarco was very relaxed, our waitress did very little except drink coffee and chat to the locals. Our lunch was very reasonable (5 Euros) considering it cost 7 Euros to hire a beach lounge and umbrella.

Bar Lo Sbarco - Via Fegina 86, Monterosso


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