Sunday, September 10, 2006

Osteria dell'Aquilla, Via Natale Del Grande, Rome

Osteria dell'Aquilla, Via Natale Del Grande, Rome
Sunday 10 September, 2006

We spent the morning walking through the largest flee markets I have ever been to in Trastevere (Trastevere is on the other side of the River Tiber and at night the streets are crowded by both Italians and foreigners because of the many bars and restaurants). The flee markets have to be seen to believed they go on for several kilometres of land and offer clothes, food, electrical goods, homewares, furniture etc - they are massive.

After we had worked up an appetite we headed for the back streets to find a cute little trattoria for lunch. We stumbled across Osteria del'Aquilla and viewed their menu on display out the front. The other bonus was they offered outdoor seating and there was a table spare.

We sat down and surprise, surprise we scored a wonky table (no wonder no-one was sitting there!). The staff tried to correct it but it was little 'Faulty Towers' as it definitely got worse before it got better. We perused the menu and I immediately spotted what I wanted - Spaghetti Carbonara - I had yet to order this in Italy and couldn't wait.

Our meals arrived and I was delighted. It looked like it had the perfect balance of egg, bacon, cheese and cracked pepper. My first mouthful was sheer bliss and it continued as I ploughed my way through this fabulous dish. Whilst I didn't check this with the staff (hey, my Italian is not that great...) I suspect they used a combination of gorgonzola and blue cheese throughout the pasta.

The other bonus was the price - for 6 Euros this was sensational (I could easily have polished off other plate.....)

Osteria dell'Aquilla - Via Natale Del Grande 52, Rome - 065810924


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