Friday, September 08, 2006

YO! Sushi, Woodstock Street, London

YO! Sushi, Woodstock Street, London
Friday 8 September, 2006

Located at the rear of Sedley Place, YO! Sushi is a little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. There's a sunny outdoors area protected by large canopy umbrellas with 6 wooden tables and glass tops and small wooden box seats. Inside there's the sushi train where you can sit on high chairs or you can join the queue and wait for the plush white leather booths - these look great and are extremely popular.

The slogan is 'More than sushi' but I decided to go with one of their main offerings and enjoyed the tuna and salmon sashimi box for £7. The menu is full of YO! offerings - YO! Boxes, YO! Drinks, YO! Salads, YO! Sweets and YO! Teas. Everything is reasonably priced and very fresh - I watched them clear several items off the sushi train (the benchmark is nothing stays on for over 1 hour).

The sashimi box arrived as a cardboard box with a plastic interior with compartments for wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce -how thoughtful! The sashimi was fresh and delicious. Each table has a green box containing chopsticks and napkins and a gorgeous little teapot full of soy sauce. They have thought of everything.

It is cheap & cheerful and this location is relatively new so it's worth a visit.

YO! Sushi - 15 Woodstock Street, London - 020 7629 0051


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