Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pan D'olive, Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney

Pan D'olive, Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney
Saturday 2 September, 2006

I haven't had great success with food at Greenwood Plaza - if anyone can recommend a decent place here please let me know. My last experience was dismal.

Today, I had 45 minutes to kill between appointments so decided to grab a quick sandwich and coffee. Now, how hard can that be? Well, let me share with you. Amongst the Asian food, carvery and Costi Seafood shopfronts is Pan D'olive that offers a wide range of sandwiches, wraps, rolls etc along with pastas.

As I scanned the board for their different offerings I asked for the chicken schnitzel turkish (sorry, we're out) and pastrami turkish (sorry, out of that too). I then turned the tables and asked what they could offer. Italian salami and boccinchini turkish - great, yes please.

As I watched the staff member prepare my lunch I noticed she was putting the lettuce on too - even though it was going into the sandwich maker. I requested that she leave the lettuce out to which she looked at me startled then continued. OK then. She then became distracted with other orders and soon forgot about my turkish sandwich.

When it was finally delivered the lettuce looked burnt and scrunched up - not happy Jan! I took my first bite and out ran a huge amount a mayonnaise - basically it was swimming in mayonnaise. The salami and boccinchini were not even warm but the lettuce and tomato were. I don't know about you but when I ask for a toasted sandwich I expect a toasted sandwich not a partial one.

Needless to say, the majority of the sandwich was left untouched.

Another one to avoid.

Pan D'olive - Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney(02) 9460 0055


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