Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trattoria Marione, Via delle Spada, Florence

Trattoria Marione, Via delle Spada, Florence
Sunday 17 September, 2006

This was a memorable evening - walking through the cobbled back streets of Florence was had been promised an experience and that is definitely what we received! Trattoria Marione is one of the busiest restaurants in Florence, so much so there were crowds of families and friends waiting out on the pavement for a table to become available.

We had a reservation but still had to wait for a table. The front window (pictured) was stacked full of local produce - pumpkins, cheese, porcini mushrooms, figs etc - it was making us all hungary! We received the nod and entered the packed space. Fortunately we were led down the narrow winding staircase into a room that looked like an old cellar - it had stone walls and large framed displays of old cheese knives. The cellar was also packed but we managed to fit onto 2 tables. God knows how the staff were able to navigate between the tables with their plates and wine glasses.

We were being treated to a feast where we didn't get to order - so the whole meal was a surprise package. We received:

- Bruschetta
- Chicken livers on bread
- Salami & figs
- Fettucini with beef
- Veal bolognaise
- Steak tartare on spinach leaves
- Mini chicken wings with roast potatoes
- Biscotti and armaretto

The food took ages to be delivered to the table, but once it did there wasn't much talking at all. We devoured everything and my favourite dish was the salami and figs - the combination of the savoury & sweet was sensational. The other highlight was the chicken wings. I hadn't eaten any chicken on this trip so it was a surprise to see chicken bought to the table.

The restaurant turned over each table several times and many tables that left around us called out 'see you tomorrow' to the waiter. It really was a great experience and had a very relaxed atmosphere where the food spoke for itself. I loved it.

Trattoria Marione - Via delle Spada 27, Florence - T: 0552 14756


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