Friday, October 13, 2006

Mirabelle, Alfred Street, Circular Quay

Mirabelle, Alfred Street, Circular Quay
Friday 13 October, 2006

Today was Friday the 13th. What better time to catch up with old friends over lunch. We were superstitious going into this lunch, so tried to counter whatever energy was 'in the air' by buying 3 scratchies. We won a grand total of $4 and a free ticket.

My last visit to Mirabelle was in April, so it's been a while. I remember the food being surprisingly good and I loved the decor.

I arrived and was greeted like a regular. The waiter thought she had spoken on the phone with me about our booking and also thought she recognised me from a previous visit - that's surprising but impressive none-the-less. She introduced herself as Poppy, our waiter for today.

Mirabelle was packed for Friday lunch and currently have two menus goings, one regular menu and an October menu. We were delivered fresh, bread rolls and asked if we would like oil or butter. The oil was already on the table, so we asked for some butter. Our waiter returned with drinks but no butter. We were asked again if we would like some butter - yes - it took a while and we finally received soft, butter.

Looking at both menus, I could not go past the oven pot roasted chicken stuffed with sausage and mushrooms on mashed potato with a side of broccoli. It was absolutely delicious and the mashed potato was the best I have ever eaten. It had a sweetness to it that I could not place, so we asked out waiter and she explained the chef prepared the mash with double cream and tarragon - that explains it!

One of my lunch buddies chose to stick with her favourite Mirabelle offering - the spaghettini with yamba prawns - large, fresh, yamba prawns tossed with herbs on a bed of spaghettini. Our other lunch buddy chose the main size salt & pepper squid with a lovely mayonnaise. Not complaints with the food - it was all good.

We ordered tea and this amazing English crockery was delivered to the table with individual tea pots. It was a great touch.

There are a lot of things I like about Mirabelle - I highly recommend it.

Mirabelle - Shop 1, 33 Alfred Street, Circular Quay - (02) 9252 3553


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