Sunday, October 15, 2006

Peasants Feast, King Street, Newtown

Peasants Feast, King Street, Newtown
Saturday 14 October, 2006

Walking out of the Marlborough Hotel on King St after enjoying a friends' 30th birthday drinks on level 1 in the new-ish, outdoor area we were in search of a meal.

The best thing about Newtown is you have the pick of everything! We walked north on King St - past a Sushi Bar and Vietnamese before stumbling across Peasants Feast - an organic European restaurant. The promise of, 'heal your body & dazzle your tastebuds' sounded intriguing, so we walked in without a reservation after 9pm. Fortunately they could squeeze us in upstairs as the downstairs section was packed.

Upstairs it was still busy but there were a handful of free tables. The decor is getting back to nature - there is a large ladder hanging out from the wall with woven baskets, water cans, plants etc

The organic message is loud and clear. Their core purpose remains,

1. To emphasise and preserve the traditions of country provincial cooking and hospitality.

2. To serve with the utmost care and respect food dishes and beverages which have unrivalled taste, prepared with the most up to date medical and scientific knowledge, thereby incorporating cutting edge health concepts that ensure that the dishes possess the maximum nutritional content.

3. To specifically cater to individual client health and personal requirements, which include high blood pressure, diabetes, food allergies, sensitivities, coeliac disease, etc. This will include the utilisation of organic and biodynamically prepared ingredients grown in the old fashioned way, free of added chemicals and genetic modification.

4. To prepare all foods with double purified filtered water free of contaminants, microbes and additives, using containers and implements that are chemically inert and to wash all food preparation devices with this water utilising nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

5. To devise new concepts, approaches and methodologies to food preparation that offer superb taste, optimal nutritional value, marvellous presentation and sparkling service.

6. To utilise and develop comprehensive, universally applicable nutritional strategies and educational programmes for the prevention of diseases.
MOTTOs: Superb taste, optimal nourishment, healthy eating, enhanced vitality, great hospitality, enjoyable & comfortable environment, the place to bring friends and family, your home away from home.'

We ordered some Herb Sourdough Bread (100% Organic) to start and I ordered the Crispy Pork Belly on a bed of red lentils, with a side serve of sauteed spinach for main and my dinner buddy ordered the Oaks Farm Organic Chicken tagine served with lemon scented cous cous.

As there were several large groups upstairs and one waiter, we anticipated there would be a wait for our food. However it wasn't that bad. The servings were large and very tasty - the pork belly was probably the most generous serving I have ever seen and the lentils were cooked well and added flavour. It was a lovely dish and very filling.

There's a strong message at Peasants Feast and to their credit they don't over-engineer it by shoving it down your throat. There is a lot of reading material available at the counter and on the table in the stairwell on the benefits of organic food, chemical free living etc but ultimately it's your choice whether you embrace it or not.

Peasants Feast - 121a King Street, Newtown - T: 9516 5998


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