Friday, January 05, 2007

Firefly, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Firefly, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Friday 5 January, 2007

Firefly is currently my favourite place in Sydney to eat/ drink. Please don't spoil it by telling too many people! Today, I bought back the long lunch with my China buddy and we enjoyed every moment.

We arrived on this spectacular 30 degree day to take our table in the raised section. Our waiter, Amanda, recognised me straightaway and welcomed me back like a long lost friend (I have dined at Firefly twice - Dec 06 and Nov 06 - so this was very impressive). We kicked off with a glass of pinot gris (deliciously cold) and took in the view. It is magnificent looking out over the exclusive residential apartments, marina and harbour to Milson's Point. Wow!

This was the first day Firefly had re-opened for 2007 and they have a new menu. We decided to try one of the meals to share and ordered the paella with saffron rice and crispy chicken, chorizo and char-grilled prawns. It came served with a margherita bread dish that arrived at the table first. This was a solid/ hard-ish bread base with melted provolone cheese & cherry tomatoes - it was very good.

The paella arrived and it looked sensational served in a large bowl with two side plates. The crispy chicken pieces were huge there was a drumstick and several large chunks and the crispy skin was overwhelmingly good. The prawns were char-grilled perfectly and there was two different types of chorizo - one spicy and one not. The saffron rice was tender and complimented the chicken, prawns and chorizo.

We sat back and enjoyed the meal and our view. After another wine we decided to splurge on dessert and ordered the homemade tiramisu and coconut & Macadamia semifreddo. I wouldn't usually order the semifreddo but it came recommended. It was deliciously sweet but there was a really salty, crunchy praline inside that tasted really odd with the sweetness of the coconut. We shared this with our waiter and she took the comments back to the kitchen. She returned to the table concerned and asked if it tasted OK - it was fine but the contrast of salty and sweet was just odd.

As we sipped coffee we realised it was after 5pm - time flies at Firefly. I could have stayed there all night!

Firefly - Pier 7, 17 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay - (02) 9241 2031


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, on your suggestion I went to Mirrabelle for end of friday 2006 work lunch - great main of ravioli of beef with cauliflower puree but overly sweet trifle and champange jelly for dessert let the place down.

Celebrated turning 40 with a beautiful meal at Seans - one of the best meals of my life. In comparison seans home grown poached
nectarine (stuffed with blackberries) with a nectarine jelly was pure art.

Xmas day I got Lake house cookbook - wonderful read.

Cheers steph

1:31 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks Rodney,

I appreciate the comments and it sounds like you had a sensational 40th at Seans.

I will add Lake House to my list of cookbooks to acquire - thanks for the recommendation.


5:04 pm  

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