Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Golden Tower, George St, Sydney

Golden Tower, George St, Sydney
Wednesday 24 January, 2007

Today was wet & windy in Sydney and for a moment it felt like winter but it was actually 25 degrees. For lunch I decided to visit Golden Tower one of the shop fronts within the Grosvenor Place food court.

There are about 6 food court offerings here (including the fabulous Bar Bene where I get my coffee every day) along with a newsagent, tailor, chemist and dry cleaner.

Golden Tower offers a range of Chinese food from pre-made noodle dishes, stir fries and meat dishes to a noodle bar where they will make your lunch from scratch. It is here that you get to select what noodles you want e.g. egg or rice and what meat you want e.g. beef, chicken or pork and then how it is prepared.

Today, I selected the BBQ pork, wonton and rice noodle soup. You order and pay at the counter and then get handed a very sophisticated hand written number. Within minutes your number is called and they package up the soup to take away or eat within the food court.

They also provide small takeaway containers that you can load up with fresh chilli, hot chilli sauce, sweet chilli sauce etc. I took some hot chilli sauce and collected my soup before returning to the office.

Back at my desk I opened the lid and released the wonderful aroma - my work colleagues all look around and comment how great it looked. One jumped up and went to get a BBQ pork, wonton and rice noodle soup herself.

The soup has a decent amount of green vegetables, BBQ pork and three large wontons floating on top that taste so much better laden with hot chilli sauce. Then I used the Chinese soup spoon provided and make my way through the rice noodles the rest of the hot chilli sauce - it's very hot (spicy), delicious and only $9.

Golden Tower - 1/225 George St, Sydney - (02) 9251 7833


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