Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tasty Thai, Spofforth St, Cremorne

Tasty Thai, Spofforth St, Cremorne
Wednesday 14 February, 2007
Tonight I left work late and couldn't bear the thought of cooking. So, after scanning my local takeaways I decided to try Tasty Thai (really bad name, I know).
Tasty Thai is located in a small group of shops on the back route from the city to Mosman. It's a shopfront only with a few makeshift tables and chairs for you to sit and wait while they prepare your meal. There were at least 5 staff hovering around the open kitchen with 2 working the counter.
I scanned their laminated menu sitting on the counter and decided to order:
- Pumpkin with vegetables and egg
- Gang ped yang (Roasted duck curry)
- Steamed rice
While I waited I read their promotional material and learnt that they do offer dine in - where? I certainly couldn't see where you want to seat and eat. Who knows - maybe there is a back section I wasn't aware of. I also learnt they offer free home delivery for orders above $15.
It took less than 15 minutes for my meal to be prepared and then I discovered they only take cash. Not surprisingly there is no ATM available in this small group of shops. Fortunately I found some cash hidden away in my wallet and paid up.
The food was delicious - the pumpkin was squared in huge chunks and served with lots of sprouts, mushrooms and baby corn. The roast duck was served in long strips and very tender - I was actually surprised by how much duck they served, it was in adundance. It was also served with pineapple and lychees that offered a delightful sweetness. Overall, I really impressed with the food and have more than enough left over for lunch tomorrow.
I have a feeling this may become one of my preferred local takeaways.
Tasty Thai - 43 Spofforth St, Cremorne - (02) 9904 2545


Anonymous Maurice said...

Hi Steph, it's good to hear that you enjoyed the food from Tasty Thai. Have you been back recently? They have just renovated and the interior is simply cosy and alluring. You may choose to eat in now. : )
Check it out!

2:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it...been going for yrs! Goooo tasty

5:16 pm  

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