Sunday, February 04, 2007

Akuna Bay Cafe, General San Martin Drive, Akuna Bay

Akuna Bay Cafe, General San Martin Drive, Akuna Bay
Sunday 4 February, 2007

I can only describe our experience here today as a train wreck. The last time we ate at the Akuna Bay cafe it was pretty average and it wasn't by choice that I returned today. We had actually wanted to dine at Akuna Bay Events (located upstairs) but unfortunately it wasn't open, so our only other option was the cafe.

Akuna Bay is a sleepy little hamlet buried deep within Ku-ring-gai National Park. It offers stunning bushland and waterways and the enter fee has risen to $11 but it's such a gorgeous location that this is a small price to pay. Unfortunately, the only cafe at the marina is an absolute shocker. The decor is tacky and tired looking but the staff are well meaning even though they really don't know what they are doing.

You order and pay at the counter and this itself is a challenge. The staff are inexperienced, forgetful and vague and there doesn't appear to be any communication between them. Once we ordered and received our table number we watched the chaos unfold. Surrounding tables were being delivered meals but only one or two at a time so no-one got to eat at the same time. We received one club sandwich shortly afterwards, followed by bacon & egg rolls 10 minutes later. About 15 minutes after that we received the smoked salmon caeser salad and another 10 minutes after that my salt & pepper calamari arrived with an apology.

The calamari was virtually inedible but the accompanying fries and salad were good. I received 5 pieces of hard, overcooked calamari and a small bowl of sweet chilli sauce. It was terrible. My lunch buddies didn't object to their meals, in fact the smoked salmon caeser salad was described as lovely. We all laughed about how bad the service was but I wouldn't choose to eat here again.

It's such a shame that there isn't a better cafe here - most of the boats moored in the marina are valued at several $100,000's so there's no shortage of people with $$ to spend.

Akuna Cafe on the Bay - d'Albora Marinas, General San Martin Drive, Akuna Bay, Ku-ring-gai National Park - (02) 9450 1344


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