Monday, February 05, 2007

Walsh Bay Cafe, Hickson Rd, Dawes Point

Walsh Bay Cafe, Hickson Rd, Dawes Point
Monday 5 February, 2007

What was I thinking??? Two train wrecks in two days! Seriously, this week is not getting off to a great start.

Tonight we were off to see our first Sydney Theatre Company play for 2007, Troupers, starring Barry Otto. In a moment of madness I recommended we dine at the Walsh Bay Cafe - the Chinese restaurant opposite the Wharf Theatre.

I had last dined here in October and it had improved immensely. Our experience tonight confirmed that my favourable review was premature. Way premature.....

I arrived first and was the only guest in the restaurant. I ordered a drink and some salt & pepper tofu. Ten minutes later I got my drink after I watched the waitress set each table with chopsticks and napkins in amazement. I enquired if she had put my order in but was met with a blank stare......then the fun started.

My theatre buddy arrived and we ordered the Peking Pork and some steamed rice....but the salt & pepper tofu still hadn't arrived. 40 minutes later our meals arrived and were inedible. I am being polite.

After one mouthful of the Peking pork I spat out the bones. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried another piece....more bones. What the@*! Our waiter swung by and enquired if we wanted any sauce for the tofu. I explained that the pork was just a plate of bones covered in thick sauce and she laughed and said each plate was different, some might be meat and bones, some meat, some bones. OK then. This explains everything.....and how is that acceptable for $17?

I am reluctant to describe the tofu for fear of sending my heartrate through the roof. It was beyond shocking. Thick, battered, deep fried pieces of tofu with not an ounce of salt & pepper on them. When I explained this to the waiter she laughed again and said this was how they prepared the tofu all the time. I challenged this as I had fond memories of the tofu from my last visit and she challenged me right back. No, it is always deep fried.

Train wreck is being kind. For $42 we barely touched our meals. We left over half the meals on each plate. I shared how disappointed I was about the food with our waiter on exit but it fell on deaf ears.

Do not bother!

Walsh Bay Cafe - 16A Hickson Rd, Dawes Point - (02) 9241 4365


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