Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vispo, George St, Sydney

Vispo, George St, Sydney
Friday 31 March, 2007

Vispo is an office favourite - located only a short distance from our building. The last time we visited was for Melbourne Cup and today's occasion was a lunch with old, and dear, friends. We were directed towards the rear of the dining space to our table.
The decor at the rear is very different to the decor at the front. As you enter Vispo on George St there are wooden floor boards and your standard wooden cafe chairs and white wobbly tables. At the rear, however, there are cubed seats in brown, green and purple tones. There's even a wall feature in the same coloured fabric.
We ordered drinks and looked over the menu which has also changed since our last visit. Our waiter was entertaining and must have overheard us commenting on his fabulous French accent as he turned it on big time for the duration of our lunch - much to our, and his, amusement.
I decided to order the steak sandwich which was described as medium rare served with chutney, onions and lettuce on a Turkish bread roll. My lunch buddies ordered 2 x salt & pepper calamari, 1 x steak sandwich and 1 x salmon risotto.
Our meals were delivered promptly but were actually pretty average. The steak sandwich could have been a little more on the medium rare side than the medium well side, the calamari was a tad rubbery but the highlight was the salmon risotto - the salmon was served in abundance with lots of green vegetables.
Even though some of the food was a let down we had a good time. I'm not sure I would rush back but due to its location and the French waiter I'll pop in for coffee.
Vispo - 210 George Street Sydney - (02) 9251 4117


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