Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cinque, King St, Newtown

Cinque, King St, Newtown
Wednesday 14 March, 2007
After several weeks eating at Simply Noodles, we decided to revert back to our old Newtown haunt before the movies - Cinque. We sat at the tables in the foyer entrance to the DENDY cinemas directly opposite FiSH records.
Trying to flag down a waiter was like trying to locate a needle in a haystack..........incredibly frustrating and tiresome. The staff have turned over again since my last visit and there was no warmth or personality displayed at all. They merely stood over the table, took the order and delivered the order. Hardly any words were shared or smiles offered.
Even though I had started a habit of ordering from their all day breakfast menu for dinner I had a good look at their other menu items and decided to order the Burger Royale. My movie buddy ordered the quesadilla (a toasted tortilla with melted cheese inside).
The crowd at Cinque is urban - Uni students, mums and prams, staff from the local hospital and professionals. It's this laid back mix that makes Cinque so appealing as does their location in the heart of Newtown.
The meals were good - exactly what you expect at a cafe. The letdown? The service.
We'll probably give it another go next week, so stay tuned.....
Cinque - Shop 1a, 261 King St, Newtown - (02) 9519 3077


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