Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anna Thai, Enmore Road, Enmore

Anna Thai, Enmore Road, Enmore
Tuesday 3 April, 2007
If there was a graveyard for restaurants Anna Thai would be near the top of the list. This place has lost its mojo and is so far beyond caring about everything..........the decor, staff, customers, food etc. Just over 12 months ago I gave this place a wrap. Tonight, I take it all back.
We were off to see Joss Stone at the Enmore Theatre (bloody brilliant) and needed somewhere cheap & cheerful for a quick bite. It had to be quick as we had driven around for 20 mins trying to find a park! Anyway, we arrived in the small dining space and the place just look distraught. Four tables still had dirty plates piled high and no-one seemed the least bit concerned about clearing them, Christmas decorations were still hanging from the bar and there were pieces of sticky tape stuck to the wooden panelled walls where an old poster used to hang. The atmosphere was old, tired and really over it.
We were 'greeted' by the only waiter who set our table by slamming plates and cutlery down along with glasses and a water bottle. I asked for menus and he looked at me as if it should have been obvious he was going to get to this.........next century. We ordered drinks and he came back with something else and said, 'this is all we have' like it was perfectly acceptable to serve something a paying customer had not asked for.
We ordered some Spring rolls to start followed by Beef penang curry, Chicken, chilli & vegetable stir fry and steam rice. A snail would have had more get up and go than our waiter, he shuffled towards the kitchen with our order and we watched other customers painstakingly try to catch his attention so they could order........this month.
The food arrived in quick succession and was average - the Spring rolls were so god damn hot that we had to let them sit and cool down whilst dousing them in sweet chilli sauce, the Beef penang curry was watery and the beef was undercooked, the veges were good though :) but thankfully the Chicken, vegetable and chilli stir fry was delicious - the ginger gave it a lovely fresh flavour.
We didn't linger and my dinner buddy had me in hysterics explaining the trip out to the bathroom - the corridor at the rear of the dining space had fake bunches of red and green grapes hanging from the ceiling - what the!#&#@!
For this experience we paid $15 each. Was it worth it? No. Would we return? Definitely not.
Anna Thai - 154 Enmore Road, Enmore - (02) 9557 0511


Blogger Hugo said...

Hi there, just thought I'd let you know that on a recent trip to Sydney I was staying in Neutral Bay, was googling to find some home-delivered takeaway Thai in the vicinity, and landed on your blog and the entry on Tasty Thai on Spofforth St. On the strength of your recommendation I phoned and we had excellent red curry, delivered to the door within 20 mins. So thank you!

8:57 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks Hugo,

Great to hear Tasty Thai delivered.
I'm thrilled you came across my site so hope that some of my other recommendations will come in handy too :) Keep me informed of any restaurants/ cafes that you like in your area.

Kind regards,


12:21 pm  

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